How will my student be transported to Dothan First After School?

Each student must submit a completed Transportation Plan with his or her Registration Form. 

For the 2019-2020 school year, we are partnering with the Dothan City Schools transportation department to run the school bus from Heard Elementary to DFAS in the afternoons. Students coming from Heard Elementary will board a DSC bus, which will drop students off with us.  Elementary school students will be met at the bus stop in front of DFAS and walked directly into the building. 

If your student is coming from Highlands Elementary or Selma Street Elementary, our DFAS bus will pick those students up and transport them directly to our building. Only 14 bus seats are available in total. Each school is provided a bus list indicating which students we are transporting.

If your student is homeschooled, or coming from a school other than Heard Elementary, Highlands Elementary, or Selma Street Elementary he or she may be dropped off by you or by your designee. If you live in a nearby home or apartment complex (Barstone, Biltmore Place, Sweetwater, Fox Run, Camelot), your child may bike or walk to DFAS with your explicit written permission. See our DFAS Transportation Plan.